Hello friend! I’m a solo traveller collecting beautiful moments from all over the world.

Stay safe wherever you are – Life is good!

About Me

Who’s this ChickenMonkey?

ChickenMonkeyBackpacking came to life during my first big solo travel adventure. The name is based on some of the best and most life changing moments, that always involved one of the two animals. Since these encounters and signs have successfully led me into the right directions, I’ve decided to name my blog after these two lucky charms.


recent adventures

  • Kyoto – temples, kimono rentals and mystic Gion district
    Did you ever see the 2005 movie “Memoirs of a geisha”? Or have you ever been fascinated about the ancient traditions of a country that is so different to ours? If you want to experience the mixture between tradition and modern life, I will give you a little insight into a city shrouded in mysticism… Continue reading
  • Hanoi – motorbikes, coffee and phở gà
    Hanoi, capital of and with a population of around 7.8 Mio. people the second largest city in Vietnam. To be honest it was either continuing in Cambodia with a huge bus ride, flying to the Philippines with islands being shut down due to corona panic (no, not the beer) and 3 flights until arriving at… Continue reading
  • Kampong Phluk – the floating village that did not float
    Apparently I had to go through a scam at least one time during my trip and fate chose a huge lake and no chance to escape to be the best situation for it to finally happen… and with this being said: welcome to the floating village Kampong Phluk at Lake Tonlé Sap, Cambodia!! A village… Continue reading

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