Kuala Lumpur – lights, popping ears and multiculti

The contrast couldn’t be bigger. After 10 days well spent on the island Bali, I’ve arrived at the Kuala Lumpur international airport to meet one of my friends, who lives here for 2 years now and who I haven’t seen for over 4 years.

The car ride to his apartment was already a cultural shock. I am not used to seeing this amount of shiny sparkling skyscrapers. And on top of that coming from Bali, where life is totally different, less hectic (besides the crazy traffic) and with a beautiful, natural simplicity, that reflects the people living there. The car stopped in the parking area of a huge building with security guards and lots of blue ponds. One has to give some sort of identification and be announced in order to get in. I’ve been told that it’s normal to have these standards for residences in this area and you’d still pay less rent than back in Europe. Crazy!!!

The next day I tried to relax, do laundry and sort out a few things in my brain, that were left from Bali. The building was close to China Town and KLCC, which is why I walked around the area to grab some coffee and have lunch. The food variety is huge thanks to the multiculturalism. You can find everything you’d wish for. From simple to fancy, spicy to bland and from countries all over the world. The choices are endless and I am happy not to be left with rice all day everyday… hey, I’m Italian so I do need my pizza and pasta carbs 😉

In KL, as experienced in Bali, you’d find a big Latino culture, too. So for the first night out we chose to go to a salsa night at Banyan Tree with a wonderful panoramic view over KLCC and the Petronas Towers. This view… it blows your mind and you won’t get tired of it! The Petronas are so beautiful when they’re being lit at night. They are the worlds highest twin towers with around 452m, 88 floors and a skybridge connecting both towers. The bridge was actually built for security reasons, to make it possible to get to in other building in case of emergency and evacuation. Security is a big factor when looking at the architecture. The underground garages for example weren’t built into the buildings foundation and there are 16 main pillars in the underground of each building to keep them from collapsing. I could go on and on about it’s beauty… anyways where was I? Back to Banyan tree. To get to the salsa party, we took an elevator that took us up to the 58th floor in no time. And with no time I really mean within seconds. At one point, given my look, the concierge glanced at me, smiled and asked “Did your ears pop, yet, ma’am?” In this moment I’ve more than ever realized, that I’m a small town girl!

The salsa party was so much fun. Live music, tapas, margaritas, Latinos and a pool! The only thing that I’m still not getting used to is the humidity! It’s unbelievable. How do citizens live here and look super fresh all the time while I’m covered in sweat even when I’m not outside or disposed to sun?! It’s a mystery…

The following day my friend showed me around his district. We’ve had a late lunch in a huge Chinese underground food court called lot 10. Also we went to see the KL Tower, that I see every night from my window inside the apartment. Due to the approaching Chinese New Year, the year of the rat, Disney decided to put Mickey and Mini Mouse on display at the Pavilion Mall and make it a huge Disney party. I’ve never seen anything similar in my life. People gathering around the big statues and animated flowers, taking pictures in front of Disney related stuff. The malls in general keep confusing me and I get lost all the time 😀 In the evening we went to celebrate a birthday again in banyan tree, but this time on the residences side of the building. I got to talk to people from all over the world, living here and there, traveling around Asia or being in KL for work purposes. That evening I’ve experienced rain in KL for the first time. Living in Germany I always thought I knew how bad it could rain. This was next level! Usually it doesn’t rain for long, but when it does it’s accompanied by lighnings, thunders and so much rain, that you have to hide under a roof. Being on an open common floor, we practically got soaking wet.

For the after party we went to a place called Suzie Wong. A place with music and live shows (sort of cabaret, drag and more). The funny thing about that place is, that when they close at 3 am and turn on the lights, they will give you ginger flavored soup for free to hydrate. I think that’s a pretty nice gesture.

I could go on, but I will put separat blog posts about the sights I’ve been to and impressed me.

As always, stay safe wherever you are and keep smiling! Life is good – god is good.

Yours always,

ElinaAria aka. ChickenMonkeyBackpacking

Petronas Towers at night

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