Travel and your soul will heal – Follow my journey through this beautiful world, as I immerse myself into new cultures, vivid cities, breathtaking landscapes and new encounters with people from all over the world, while reconnecting with myself and reflecting on life itself. Rather following my heart than a solid plan, I’ve started to realize how liberating it can be, to walk the earth with eyes wide open, paying attention to the little things in life. And they can bring you immense joy. Bali is the reason ChickenMonkeyBackpacking was born, because it gifted me with the right people and right signs just at the right time when I needed them the most. Every puzzle will reveal its final picture, when you place in the last piece. And I’ve just started mine. So join my adventure, feel free to share your thoughts with me or simply be a silent participant. Life is good – god is good. Embrace the process and stay safe wherever you are.

yours always,

ElinaAria aka. ChickenMonkeyBackpacking